Something's Going Down -- Could It be Tom Ridge?

A Wonkette operative alerts us to possible foul play on Nebraska Ave.:

shit's going down at dhs/navy base at the navy-related center on nebraska ave, across the stree from AU, Neb. Ave. is closed off at Ward Circle all the way to Van Ness, it looks like, with tons of fire and police vehicles, undercover vehicles, guys with big guns, etc. Part of DHS is based there (or at least used to be). AU Public Safety says that it's a "Homeland Security Issue," which could mean anything from Tom Ridge can't find his pants, to bomb/murder/anything else death & destruction related.
Finally, an excuse to fantasize about Tom Ridge without his pants. . .

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. A source of a source reports: "False alarm, nothing is going on there. People, return to your homes."

But we're still thinking about a pants-less Tom Ridge. . .


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