Sometimes the Snow Comes Down in June

(Actually, no one is predicting that; we just wanted to quote a Vanessa Williams song. And now it's stuck in your heard -- a bad case of earworm. Sorry about that!)

This morning, the Hotline predicted that we might not see Tony Snow announced as the new White House press secretary until perhaps next month:


This afternoon, they changed their mind:


We'll go with the second of the two predictions -- partly because we're hoping for a big news day tomorrow, since the week has been painfully slow so far.

Meanwhile, the Media Matters crew is complaining, in essence, that Snow is (1) frequently misleading and (2) pretty conservative. Excuse our ignorance, but aren't those the key qualifications -- along with a little TV experience -- for being White House press secretary?

(On the other hand, Snow isn't exactly what you'd call a White House shill. As Think Progress points out, Snow has had some choice -- and pretty harsh -- things to say about President Bush.)

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