'Sorry About That, Monkey'

We don't know if this is an official campaign pictureWe're going to start this post with one of those old-school "newspaper ledes" because Macacagate Fever is not exactly sweeping the nation just yet.

The Virginia Republican who was apparently a front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination in '08 -- because nobody had ever heard of him outside of Virginia and D.C. -- has reportedly apologized for making an obscure racial slur.

At an August 11 campaign stop, Sen. George Allen pointed out his opponent's "tracker," who was following Allen around with a video camera. Because it's always smart to start spouting off bigoted nonsense when your opponent's campaign is videotaping you, Allen called the kid a "macaca."

After 12 days of clumsy denials, it seems Allen has finally 'fessed up.

As we've learned since (or not), "macaca" is some colonial French insult for native-born Africans or dark-skinned people in general. Something like that, anyway.

(Webb staffer S.R. Sidarth is of Indian descent, as you may recall.)

Anyway, Webb's campaign now says that Allen telephoned the offended Webb staffer and apologized for the racist slur, two weeks and a hundred Wonkette posts later.

"Hours before President Bush was scheduled to attend a fundraiser in his honor, Sen. George Allen telephoned Democratic video tracker S.R. Sidarth to apologize," Hotline On Call reported this afternoon. "The news was buried at the bottom of a press release issued by James Webb's campaign."

Well, that will certainly put this whole mess to rest. George Wallace in '08! George Wallace in '08!

Er, we mean, George Allen in '08! George Allen in '08!



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