Sorry About That Rigged Election

It's a new year and Allen Raymond wants you to know he's sorry. After he shut down the Democratic Party's phone lines in New Hampshire in 2002, Raymond was shocked - shocked - to discover that his "old pals" at the RNC would throw him "under the bus" when they were found out. I'm sure that was hard to see coming around the bend since they were running such a scrupulous operation that everyone could be proud of. Allen served three months in prison and now he's learned something from his mistakes. To err is human, right? That's why he's written a tell-all book!

We dismiss the cynicism of those who suspect that Allen is simply trying to cash in now that GOP-bashing is back in fashion and we're so happy Raymond has come to terms with his little ethical and legal digressions. But perhaps his greatest achievement is in the lesson he imparted to a new generation of Republican operatives: cover your ass. [ABC News]


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