Sorry, But Ann Romney Does Not Think You People Are As Classy As Her Horse

Sorry, But Ann Romney Does Not Think You People Are As Classy As Her Horse

Here is a fun little tidbit from aWaPo profile of proto-Paris Hilton Georgette Mosbacher: Egg Romney does not think you people are as classy as her horse who does ballet!

At the convention, they could be seen bickering outside exclusive donor powwows (“Don’t be upset,” Georgette pleaded with Lyn outside a brunch organized by billionaire Paul Singer. “It was an honest mistake.”) or giddily relaying how Ann Romney, for whom Georgette has served on the host committee for several fundraisers in New York, privately reacted to Democratic attacks on her dressage-competing mare. (“My horse has more style and more class in its hoof than they do in their whole deal,” Lyn recounts.)

That's not fair! NOTHING is as classy as a horse that does ballet!

Now, to be fair -- it seems like a fun thing to try! -- Egg Romney was talking about the DNC, not necessarily all of you. After all, her husband doesn't "disdain" "you people," Egg says, so we will presume that she does not "disdain" "you people" either!

This "fairness" thing is boring. We will not attempt it again.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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