Oh goodness everybody's panties were in a lather on Friday when it was revealed that some former business pal of Todd Palin had asked to have his divorce records sealed -- presumably because they contained page after blistering page of descriptions of hot sexing with Todd Palin's wife, a pretty lady who is running for vice president. After all, theNational Equirer said she'd had an affair with a business associate of her husband, and how many business associates can a guy have?

Alas, there's no there there, at least not with this associate, Scott Richter.

The noble reader-monkeys at The Smoking Gun went through all 98 tedious pages of Richter's divorce filing and found nothing salacious or even very interesting in there. Basically the guy just wanted his records sealed because reporters were bothering him, but the only way he knows the Palins is he owns a cabin with them somewhere.

A judge denied the motion to seal the records, noting that "There is no legal basis for the request."

One Palin Mystery Solved [The Smoking Gun]


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