Sorry Taxbaggers, It's National High Five Day


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America's favorite holiday made up by some guy called "JoeGoblin" on Metafilter, National High Five Day allows all the races and classes to come together in a perfect moment of "High Five Well Met" and that is what we expect YOU to go DO right now, go to the Tea Party Rally in your city and bum-rush the teabaggers with friendly patriotic High Fives. It is okay to dress in Halloween Costumes.

Here is what "JoeGoblin" (if that is his real name) says about the Holy Day he made up eight years ago, to heal 9/11:

Imagine that while on your way to class, you pass a dignified looking middle-aged man in a suit. You, of course, are wearing the same underwear as yesterday, a pair of pants off your floor, and a T-shirt with something ironic printed on it. Instead of noticing this respectable pillar of society fifteen seconds or so before your interaction is fated to occur, and lowering your head to avoid his disapproving scowl, you take another course of action. You confidently walk forward, and at the moment of passing, you and the businessman simultaneously raise your hands and wordlessly high-five. The sound of the perfect high five resonates, causing those nearby to silently and enviously take notice. You both walk on, and likely relate the story to whomever you eat dinner with that night. There is no reason why this should not happen with alarming frequency.

Anyway all the Teabagger groups pussed out and removed all their Tea Party Event info from their websites, so just go wherever there's a federal building or a city park downtown, you'll see 'em. Let's show America that it's time to High Five, Get Busy, and stop whining.


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