Sotomayor: Liberal Miguel Estrada In A Pantsuit?

  • Senators rehashed a bunch of tired old arguments at the opening of confirmation hearings for a new Supreme Court justice. [AP]
  • The latest update on the "CIA had plans to do a thing it never did, and also didn't bother telling its new director about until a couple weeks ago" story is here. [New York Times]
  • You know what President Obama hates, more than Mondays? F-22 warplanes. [Washington Post]
  • Pakistan's Swat valley is (allegedly) back open for business after the Taliban took over and nearly two MILLION people left very quickly and then maybe the government got all the Taliban guys out, again. But would you want to be the first returning resident to discover that the Taliban didn't leave after all? [Reuters]
  • Ban Ki-moon is a sad sack who has failed to reform the UN into a more vigorous governing body. [Wall Street Journal]
  • After Friday, Hilzoy shall blog no longer. Good luck with "actual life" in the "real world," quitter! [Obsidian Wings]

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