Sour Harry Reid Threatens To Kill Bono

And outside it's America, outside it's America - WonketteHere's a fun fact about irrelevant Irish pop star "Bono" and his whining about the new Democratic leadership: Harry Reid apparently threatened to have Bono chopped up and dumped in Lake Tahoe.

That's the obvious conclusion after seeing how the Irish loudmouth backtracked and apologized for talking trash about Sour Harry:

A day later, Bono reconsidered his tough comments and took a softer tone in a follow-up. Bono said Friday that Reid "acknowledged a difficult situation" with the congressional budget "but he sincerely pledged his best efforts to improve the situation."

Bono said Reid "made my day taking me onto the Senate floor and leading me through the history of that great room."

A spokesman for Reid offered nothing more than the ice-cold lie that the senator "enjoyed his meeting with Bono."

Is a picture worth a thousand U2 songs? Yes it is, as you'll see after the jump.

Hippie got a haircut, but Reid still hates. - Wonkette

Bono enjoys his Starbucks as Harry plots pop-singer's murder. (AFP)

Democrats leave Bono disappointed [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

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