South Americans Welcome George W. Bush ... With Style!

This isn't the usual Yanquee Go Home stuff -- they really hate the guy's guts. Why the rude welcome? For six years, the administration has ignored Latin America except for "punishing in some way those who disagreed with Washington, and decreasing funding for developmental assistance, child survival and health programs." Starting wars everywhere, launching a failed coup against Hugo Chavez, congratulating the White House choice in a Mexican presidential election that was still in dispute, putting right-wing zealots in charge of U.S.-Latin American affairs ... not since the Reagan-Contra days has Latin America had so many reasons to hate Washington. The 45-year-long U.S. embargo against Cuba doesn't help, either.

But enough about these people and their problems. Are Brazilian protesters hot? Find out, after the jump.

Of course they're hot! They're Brazilian, for god's sake. Have a look at this gal:

Even the cops are handsome!

Instead of the dirty protest hippies you see in the States, the Brazilian protesters are all attractive, fit, well-groomed young women who rock the Bush/Nazi look with style. And check out the fashionista cop outfit!

'Sup, Hitler? - Wonkette

A protest classic: Bush as Hitler with a Charlie Manson swastika on his forehead. And how much better is a black beret than one of those cretinous knit reggae hats?

Those Washington bullets again ...

This handsome fellow is rocking the "socialist tropical mod" look: Clark Desert Boots, a jaunty beret, bermudas that exactly match the "blood," and a fitted black tee. Classy!

The lesson? You don't have to look like a cunt to go to a protest!

Photos by AP and Getty/AFP.


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