After more than a year of this endless 2008 campaign, we've finally got a debate with the claws out. This South Carolina audience is getting a first-hand up-close answer to the question, "Can Hillary kill people with her words?" See here for Part One, and let's get dirty with Part Two.

8:45 PM -- Let's start by high-fiving commenter TJBECK for this gem in the last thread: "Shut up Edwards, you're bothering the candidates."

8:48 PM -- John Edwards would still like to know why Barack uses these bizarre Illinois rituals in our U.S. Senate. Why does he say "present" instead of, say, Yes or No or Yea or Nay or whatever senators say?

8:49 PM -- Honestly, "present"? What is this, homeroom?

8:52 PM -- No wonder the Nevada Hispanics voted for Hillary: Obama won't give them any health care.

8:53 PM -- Just want to mention that this edition of your liveblogging is being done totally, terribly sober.

8:54 PM -- Which is why this edition of your liveblogging is going to run out at the break, take the dog for a quick walk, and make a strategic stop at the Wine Shop.

8:55 PM -- John Edwards: "I think, honestly, that none of our three plans cover ...." Cover what? He was about to say "Mexicans." But he caught himself. That's what passes for political skill these days.

8:57 PM -- So much for the excitement. Obama is currently boring everyone with his "Look at me I have learned about health insurance problems" routine.

8:58 PM -- Now Hillary and John both agree that Barry's totally in over his head. Don't try to out-nerd Hillary or John on this stuff.

8:59 PM -- Hillary-Care! Does anyone know why "Hillary Care" became a slur in 1993? Was that just the best thing people could come up with, back before the Internet unleashed such wit upon our nation?

9:00 PM -- Anyway, Universal Health Care. Seems sort of insane that fighting universal health care for Americans was ever in vogue, for anyone. Now that two Republican governors have forced the issue in Massachusetts and California, one of the last weird anti-Hillary tropes has died. RIP.

9:02 PM -- There will be a break, of some kind, right? Please?

9:03 PM -- Dear God, this has now gone more than an hour with no commercial break. What is this, Cuba under Stalin?

9:05 PM -- Iraq. Remember how worked up we all used to be about Iraq, back when WE COULD STILL AFFORD FOOD?

9:07 PM -- Obama fades again. He hardly even gets applause when he promises to bring the Internet and its rich trove of black-on-white pornography to South Carolina.

9:08 PM -- Oh god, now Obama is going to save us from Al Qaeda. Remember them? REMEMBER WHEN WE COULD GET FOOD?

9:09 PM -- Hillary will not make any crazy promises about Iraq because god knows what Bush is going to do in this long last year of his presidency.

9:10 PM -- Important conversation! They will sit down at a table! New set!

9:11 PM -- In other words, we can finally go to the bathroom, or the liquor store, or both! See you in the new thread, after the break.


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