South Carolina Democratic Party's Rising Star Faces Challenge To His Glorious Primary Result

South Carolina Democratic Party's Rising Star Faces Challenge To His Glorious Primary Result

Charleston City Councilman Vic Rawl announced today that he's officiallyfiling a protest against the results of last Tuesday's Democratic U.S. Senate primary in South Carolina, which was a landslide victory for mentally unstable unemployed accused-sex-offender Alvin Greene, who didn't so much campaign or do fund-raising or have a staff or come up with issue positions as sit cooped up in his 81-year-old father's house the whole time.

Rawl has two vague contentions -- there were "irregularities" and "unusual incidents" -- and one specific one: that the voting machines chose Alvin Greene of their own accord. Why did the machines want Greene to win? Rawl doesn't speculate, but it's obvious: Like these election robots, Alvin Greene is a machine. An ELECTION-WINNING MACHINE.

However he won, Alvin Greene put as little effort into it as possible. Yes, there may have been some foul play involved, but can you imagine how many votes Greene would have gotten if he had tried to win? Had Greene taken his platform of weirding out college girls by shoving porn in their faces directly to the people, his margin of victory would have been astronomical.

Perhaps it was a little humiliating at first, but Rawl should stand aside and recognize that Greene's the kind of political talent that only comes around once in a century. Here is a man who only needs to sign up for an election to win it. Jim DeMint has to be worried.

Expect the South Carolina Democratic Party to turn away this protest. What do they have to lose with Alvin Greene? It's not like they had a good shot at defeating a sitting Republican senator in South Carolina.

Barack Obama once spoke of "the hope of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him, too." Is it a stretch to think there is still hope for a 32-year-old incomprehensible unemployed pervert shut-in to take a surprise win in a Senate election and vault himself to the presidency? [Charleston City Paper]


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