South Carolina GOP Expected To Make History Tonight By Somehow Nominating Minorities, Woman

South Carolina GOP Expected To Make History Tonight By Somehow Nominating Minorities, Woman

What awacky, wacky twist. "Wait a second, you're telling me South Carolina's going to nominate a black instead of the son of the guy who liked to segregate said minority but secretly made babies with his family's 16-year-old maid who was of that race?" YES, YES, WHAT HAS BECOME OF SOUTH CAROLINA? State legislator Tim Scott is the SC-1 candidate who has captured their hearts, yet he is a black guy? What a very, very quick and amusing twist that only took decades to happen. Of course, it took Scott being a Teabagger extremist and making Paul Thurmond look like a librul sissy in comparison to blind people to the fact that he is black. But then you have to consider that Nikki Haley is also expected to win her nomination for governor, and she is also a minority and a WOMAN, so what is going on?

National Republicans have invested heavily in promoting a diverse slate of candidates for House races this year. Michael S. Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, notes in speeches that the party recruited 32 African Americans for public office, more than ever.

THIRTY-TWO? THIRTY-TWO? That is like 32 times the number of Michael Steeles the Republican party currently has! That number of candidates could play three basketball games simultaneously and STILL have two subs!

Scott is the only one expected to win, but Republicans have not had a black member in the House since J.C. Watts left in 2003, so they are super excited to go from "remember that token guy?" to "look! token guy!"

YES, it is sad that a Thurmond has to be defeated for this to happen. But the GOP's here to rap / it's a rappin' 'bout diversity / it's putting minorities on the map / finishing Dr. King's battle against adversity.

Certainly this will go according to plan in South Carolina tonight. Certainly the polls will be right, and there will be no iota of bias against either of these minority candidates. Certainly, as this is South Carolina. [Washington Post]


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