Southern Baptists Want You To Be Safe, Baptist

Some people have no sense of scaleThe Apologetics and the North American Mission Board, an agency of the Southern Baptist Convention, really, really want you to be safe from destructive cults. You know, like the People's Temple folks who committed mass suicide in Guyana or the Branch Davidians in Texas who died in rain of fire? They don't want that to happen to you! So, they have some tips on avoiding cults to help you parse wacky religions that want you to kill yourself, including a helpful guide to the most popular cults in North America!

Those most popular cults include: the Mormon church; Jehovah's Witnesses; Unitarians; Christian Scientists; the Baha'i Faith; Scientologists and the wacky breakaway polygamist Mormons (ok, well, maybe they got a couple correct). So, yeah, stay away from those people. The Southern Baptists know that they're bad because most culties don't believe in the "sole authority of the Bible," eternal life through Christ playing harps on clouds or having "cautious relationships with adherents of religions they do not understand." It's important to remember not to have close friends who aren't your religion so you can totally avoid being in a cult.

Cult/Sect Overview [The Apologetics]


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