Southern GOP Wingnut Politician Calls Colleague's Dead Son a Homo


Let's check in with the Southerners, America's old-fashioned obese bigots. Oh, here's one: Bill James, proprietor of ashitty wingnut website (ACORN breaks the law! criminals are Negroid!) and county commissioner in some slave-holding part of South North Carolina. During an "emotional" debate over domestic-partner benefits, Commissioner Lady spoke sadly of her adult son's death from AIDS, and then this fat fuck Bill James leans over and says, "Your son was a homo, really?"

And then he added, "Because I've sucked every available dick in the South and I don't remember him." Ha ha not really, Bill James just said he will never apologize because homo is just what you call fags, come on, just like everybody knows that the Negro Peoples "live in a moral sewer." (He said that, too, on the record. Ha, racists!) [Charlotte Observer via Wonkette Operative "Jacob S."]


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