Southerners Are Latest Ethnic Group To Be Outraged By Barack Obama's Cabinet Appointments


Jeez, who's running this government anyhow? Given his latest string of appointments, it appears Barack Obama favors Indonesian Socialist pansexual witch-doctors such as Tom Daschle and Tim Geithner. This leaves little room for Obama to install in key positions such competent Southerners as ... well shit, are there even any Southern Democratsalive anymore? Or are they like the ivory-billed woodpecker, another mythical Southern rarity?

There are exactly 2.5 possible Cabinet contenders from the South: Max Cleland, Sam Nunn, and Hillary Clinton, who was "from" Arkansas long enough to win the Democratic primary there and who already occupies the coveted "white lady" ethnic minority slot in Obama's Cabinet.

This leaves Southerners as the latest aggrieved ethnic minority, along with Hispanics and The Gays, who do not feel they're well represented in the highest tiers of our next administration. All of this will be remedied when Obama preemptively fires Hillary Clinton and appoints a Cuban drag queen from Athens, Georgia as his Secretary of State.

No Southerners yet in Obama Cabinet [Politico]


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