Space Lizard Gods Didn't Get Eric Cantor or His Nuke Reactor This Time...


Our latest sources say terrible whiny loser Eric Cantor was apparently the actual target of the 5.9 5.8-magnitude earthquake the reptile gods of space launched at the East Coast today, because the epicenter of the quake was smack in the middle of Eric Cantor's seventh congressional district in Virginia. Sorry, angry cosmic overlords, huge whiff: Eric Cantor is leading a wingnut field trip in Israel. TRY A GIANT COMET NEXT TIME. OR, just a slightly stronger earthquake: the North Anna nuclear power station in the middle of Cantor's district is only built to withstand a 5.9-6.1 magnitude earthquake and has no seismographs, because they were all removed after budget cuts. And it's built on a fault line! AAAAAAHHHH! It's almost like we're better at this than space lizards!

From RawStory:

U.S. nuclear officials said that the North Anna Power Station, which has two nuclear reactors, had lost offsite power and was using diesel generators to maintain cooling operations after an 5.9 earthquake hit the region.

The North Anna plant, which was near the epicenter of Tuesday's quake, is reportedly located on a fault line.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission rates the plant as the seventh most likely to receive core damage from a quake. But they say the chances of that are only 1 in 22,727.

According to the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME), the Virginia Tech Seismological Observatory (VTSO) removed all seismographs from around the plant in the 1990s due to budget cuts.

In February, Dominion Virginia Power confirmed its commitment to add a third reactor to the plant.

All it's missing is some Godzilla. John Boehner volunteers to play the part. [RawStory]


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