Spain Adopts Cuban Exiles, Sinks 'The Maine' All Over Again


  • Diaper Pants David Vitter joked he would never let Rachel Maddow put diapers on him, because that would be gross: Rachel Maddow has man-features! And then David Vitter apologized to Rachel Maddow and his entire family, as is his wont. [Washington Post]

  • Matt Yglesias is very concerned about overcrowding on the Metro in 2020. This is the only thing Matt can foresee as being an issue in 2020. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Spain has agreed to grant 52 Cuban exiles political asylum. But why is Spain helping Castro get rid of people he doesn't care for? There is a word for that, and it is "Declaring War on the United States." [Weekly Standard]

  • Barack Obama accuses the Republican Party of lacking faith in the American people, but Erick Erickson turns this accusation right on its head, and now the accusation's skull is crushed because it is so weak and Erick is so mighty. [RedState]

  • Andrew Sullivan invented a dystopian pay-as-you-go park bench, OR, if you look at the glass half full, a free and very public butt plug machine. The future is looking up! [The Daily Dish]


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