Spain Takes Break From Economic Woes to Laugh at Rick Scott


Perennial top contender for America's most fervently incompetent governor Rick Scott is working hard for the title even on a trade mission to Spain: He managed to earn immediate ridicule from the country's 47 million residents within actual seconds of meeting the King of Spain. He's efficient! King Juan Carlos has lately been in hot water for taking a fancy elephant-murdering trip to Botswana while the country's economy shrivels under a banking crisis and a 24% unemployment rate, so much so that he issued a first-ever public apology for his actions. This provided a no-fail comedy setup for Florida's dipstick governor, whose first words upon meeting the king were, "I've ridden elephants. I've never tried to shoot one." Don't stop there, Rick! (He doesn't.)

This is what a king looks like when he wants to slap the person whose hand he is shaking:

From the Miami New Times:

Scott apparently didn't understand that the King didn't want to talk about the trip, and keeps blabbing on about it. Scott asks that King how he was injured, and talks about his own travels to Botswana. Scott's wife Annette begins talking about how they were in a Jeep that was being chased by elephants in Botswana, and that she wished that the King had been in the Jeep with them. The last thing the King wants right now is to be back in Botswana.

The King meanwhile kept shaking other people's hands as the Scott blabbed on about Botswana.

The incident has become fodder in the Spanish press, and El Intermedio, something sort of like the Spanish version of The Daily Show, lampooned the exchange.

Your move, Jan Brewer. [Miami New Times Blogs]


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