Speed-reading with the President

bushwolfe.jpgOn our bike rides, we pretty much confine our reading to our heart-rate monitors. Not so the President, who as the photo at right reveals, enjoys more literary fare. What's particularly interesting about the photo, which was taken today, is that the book the President's clutching is Tom Wolfe's celebration of the sex-soaked, booze-drenched lives of college students, I Am Charlotte Simmons. In February, NYT's Elisabeth Bumiller reported that Bush had already read the book and was "enthusiastically recommending it to friends." Now, three months later, he's apparently still deeply engaged with it. So maybe it's like his official daily reading, the Bible. The good parts are worth reading over and over.

President Bush Walks Back to White House [AP]

Why is Bush reading Tom Wolfe? [NY Times]


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