Spencer Ackerman Quits 'The New Republic' -- Observers Shocked That He Was Still There

Marty Peretz, asshole. -WonketteAce national security journo Spencer Ackerman quit his editing gig at The New Republic this week, announcing it officially with a tiny little note on his brand new, aptly titled blog. Considering that we'd been told it would happen a month ago, the lack of shock echoing throughout the DC mediasphere is hardly surprising. Why'd Spencer leave?

The ostensible reason for my release concerns my relationship with Franklin Foer and the magazine's other editors. However, the irreconcilable ideological differences between myself and the top editors at the magazine have been clear to me for months now, and clear to them as well.

We were gonna do one of those "Translated: Marty Peretz is fucking nuts" jokes, but he pretty much did just come out and say it, didn't he.

We are one step closer to stopping the Foers.

OK, let's get this over with [toohotfortnr]


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