Spend A Saturday Battling Random Strangers With Cardboard Tubes!

Have you heard of this secret society called theCardboard Tube Fighting League? They plan on infiltrating the National Mall on July 26 for some good old-fashioned papergoods warfare, and they will take all comers. How much would you pay to engage in this exciting activity? Several hundred dollars, you say? Joke's on you, suckers, it is FREE.

Details from Craigslist:


Saturday, July 26th, 2008

3:00 pm

Entry Fee:


What to bring:

Water, cameras, postitive attitude


cardboard armor, costumes are encouraged.

Business suits are also highly encouraged for this event.

Expect to encounter a gaggle of angry Paultards yelling about how they called dibs on the National Mall for their cardboard armor battles.

"Washington War Dance" [Cardboard Tube Fighting League]

7/26: Free Cardboard Tube Fighting League Tournament - Washington D.C. (National Mall) [Craigslist]


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