Spend Your Day Of Service On The Couch

  • Many libtards across America are forswearing their Wonkette today in favor of a day of "community service," whatever that is. [Washington Post]
  • Israeli officials brushed off accusations of war crimes and general dickishness regarding their recent invasion of Gaza. [Reuters]
  • Hooray, racism is over! Even black people say so. [CNN]
  • A summit of Arab states was supposed to focus on economic development, but it looks like they spent a lot of time talking about the Israeli-Palestinian problem. [BBC News]
  • The power-sharing situation in Zimbabwe will either get better or it will get worse, soon. [New York Times]
  • Everything in America is so broke or broken right now that Barack Obama could re-institute the monarchy and people would be like, "Well why not, let's give it a whirl." [International Herald Tribune]

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