Spite-Generated Harpy Michelle Malkin Has Thoughts On NASA, Science, Forced Abortions Probably


Nerds everywhere are celebrating last night's successful landing of NASA's "Curiosity" rover, breathing a sigh of relief, glorying in the awesome technological achievement, and giddily anticipating that some JPL engineers will almost certainly get laid.

But hold on just a damn minute, here: rage-based nonsequitur generator Michelle Malkin would just like to remind all you liberals that you are not allowed to be happy about this. For one thing, she'll have you know that Barack Obama, the wildly free-spending socialist who just can't stop spending taxpayers' dollars on everything, actually proposed a $300 million cut to NASA's budget, probably so he could spend it on abortions for hippies on welfare. It was so horrible that planetary scientists were drivent to holding bake sales to raise money. For another thing, something-something-something HYPOCRISY!!!

Also: If Obama now an advocate of privatizing federal space programs to save taxpayer dollars, why does he attack and demonize government reformers who are looking for market-based solutions on health care?

Yeah, good point, whatever that was! Even worse, the Liberal Media which universally mocked George Bush's Mars program said some nice things about Obama several years ago when he announced he would pursue somewhat similar goals in space, so all you zombies had better stop being such awful hypocrites! It is good to know that Michelle Malkin cares so much about NASA and science, except for when NASA and science think things like global warming might be real.

Finally, during the coverage of the landing, Malkin tweeted an important warning when Obama's science advisor, John Holdren, had the effrontery to speak on NASA's feed:

Doktor Zoom

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