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Kelly Loeffler Wants Atlanta Dream WNBA Team To Shut Up, Dribble, Maybe Tap Dance A Little

Whenever Loeffler speaks, she reminds voters how much she sucks.

Georgia Senator and insider-trading Disney villain Kelly Loeffler is also co-owner of the WNBA team the Atlanta Dream. Tuesday, Loeffler sent a message via flying monkey to WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert demanding that the women's basketball league keep its players from wearing warmup jerseys that read “Black Lives Matter" and “Say Her Name" (the latter is a reference to Breonna Taylor, who the police killed in her sleep). Instead, she'd like to see an American flag on all team uniforms and apparel so she never forgets what country she's in.

Loeffler argued that “politics" have no place in sports, because she's 49 and somehow never heard the name Muhammad Ali.

LOEFFLER: The truth is, we need less—not more politics in sports.

The American flag is a political statement.

LOEFFLER: In a time when polarizing politics is as divisive as ever, sports has the power to be a unifying antidote.

Shut up and dribble!

Loeffler just wants to enjoy a basketball game after a hard day at the job she bought. She doesn't want to consider divisive political issues such as “Black people exist and their lives matter."

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The Washington Racial Slurs Are Ready To 'Review' Their Racist Football Team Name

What is it that they have to review?

After decades of bad publicity, boycotts, and newspapers and websites changing their style guides to refer to them only as the Washington Football Team, the owners of the Washington Racial Slurs are officially on their way to doing a review to see if they should maybe possibly consider doing something about the fact that their team name is super racist and offensive.

The Washington team has long clung to its terrible and offensive team name like they just leapt off the Titanic and it was the only door/raft for miles, despite the condemnation they've received. They've fought back against that condemnation with the help of people pretending to be Native Americans who were super jazzed about the team name and did not want it to change. There is no question that keeping the team name has cost them more time and money than changing it to something not racist ever would have.

There is little question that for Dan Snyder, it has been "the principle of the thing." He calls it a "badge of honor." He doesn't want to change it because he is scared of a world where that term is considered unacceptable. A world where that word is unacceptable is a world where he has less social power than he is comfortable with.

But, following pressure from FedEx (which owns the stadium they play in) and a country where most people are just straight up done with that kind of bullshit, the franchise has released a statement announcing the impending "thorough review" of the team name.

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2020 Congressional Elections

Tommy Tuberville Let Raping Football Man Off With One-Game Suspension

Alabama Goddamn.

Wednesday evening, the campaign bus for Tommy Tuberville, Donald Trump's preferred candidate in Alabama's GOP primary for the US Senate, burst into flames and melted into a complete loss. The bus was on a test drive after some maintenance, and the driver, the only person aboard, escaped without injury.

Just in case you're keeping track of obvious metaphors from the creators of the "2020" simulation, the bus fire preceded by one day a Washington Examiner story, published last night, that details how, when Tuberville was the head football coach at Auburn University in 1999, he gave a mere one-game suspension to a football player who'd been charged with second-degree rape in a case involving a 15-year old girl. The athlete, Clifton Robinson, was 20 at the time, and pleaded to a reduced charge of "contributing to the delinquency of a minor," a misdemeanor.

After the guilty plea, Tuberville emphasized he was very, very disappointed, and that Robinson would have to face the consequences for his actions.

"Clifton is back on the team," coach Tommy Tuberville said. "He and I will sit down today and I'll tell him that we do things right around here, so he can expect there will be some punishment. What it is, I don't know yet." [emphasis added — Dok]

And apparently the way they did things around there was to issue a one-game suspension for Auburn's opening game of the season, because we guess Robinson was a pretty good player who really contributed a lot to the team, and as they say, why ruin a promising young man's life just for a little illegal sex with a minor?

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Buh-Bye Awful Old Sportsball Racist Marge Schott!

You about to lose your job (of being the name on U of Cincinnati's stadium).

The University of Cincinnati's board of trustees voted unanimously Tuesday to remove the name of former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott from the university's baseball stadium, because she was a horrible old racist and anti-Semite. As of yet, we haven't seen any wingnuts crying too hard about the move, perhaps because so many people are still alive who remember exactly what a repulsive piece of work she'd been. Hell, even Dead Breitbart's Home For Tetchy White People just ran the AP's story on the decision, and the closest to a defense of Schott we saw in the comments — indeed, virtually the only comment, repeated endlessly — were accusations that U of Cincinnati should return the $2 million donation the Schott family foundation gave it in 2006, otherwise those university people are just hypocrites. Except the foundation says it's fine with recipients of its money dropping the name, because ew, she said some nasty stuff.

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