This Is A Post About Winners And Losers

Was yesterday the worst day in Donald Trump's life? Perhaps!

Jonathan Chait says yesterday was the worst day of Donald Trump's life. He may not be wrong about that.

Trump had a bad day, that's for sure. For one thing, his erstwhile best friend got indicted, Tom Barrack, the guy who chaired his inaugural committee. If you remember anything about that guy, how many different things he was involved in related to Trump's campaign and presidency, you can imagine how terrified that might make the former president about what's coming down the pike next.

But that's not why yesterday might have been the worst of Trump's life. Pfffffft, a day when a member of Trump's inner circle gets indicted is just called "Tuesday." And Trump doesn't care about other people's feelings or bad things happening to people he allegedly cares about, unless it affects him in some way.

What happened yesterday is that Tom Brady made fun of Trump. Twice. In public. With Joe Biden. Biden made fun of Donald Trump too! With Tom Brady! At the White House.

It was an event to celebrate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl win, and regardless of what you think of Tom Brady, it was pretty fuckin' great.

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fox news

Did US Women's Soccer Team Beat Up WWII Vet, Or Sign His Soccer Ball? Fox News Jes' Has No Way To Know!

SOME PEOPLE think the soccer team did a bad thing! Wonder why SOME PEOPLE think that?

Want to hear the latest lie being thrown around Outer Wingnuttia, and also Inner Wingnuttia, as well as Suburban and Exurban Wingnuttia? It is that the US WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM did a DISRESPECT to FLAGS and HARMONICA-WIELDING OLD PEOPLE PLAYING NATIONAL ANTHEMS.

It was before their Monday match against Mexico, on their way to the Olympics, and a WWII vet named Pete DuPré did the anthem, and according to known factcheckers like Charlie Kirk, the women of the soccer team, we dunno, pantsed the veteran and peed on the flag, or something.

Loud gay conservative internet troll Ric Grenell has really been on one about it since last night:

Did any of this this happen? Of course not. Have Kirk and Grenell corrected themselves? Ha. (You'll notice the Grenell tweet is literally in response to US soccer tweeting him to correct his surely innocent misunderstanding.) This has now entered the snowflake white conservative canon of things that definitely did happen, hashtag critical race theory, hashtag cancel culture, hashtag YOU CAN PRY MR. POTATO HEAD'S PENIS OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS!

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Olympics Marred By Olympic Levels Of Racism And Stupidity

Going for the gold, apparently.

The Tokyo Summer Olympics will be starting in just a few weeks, on July 23, but the organization itself and its associated Olympic teams and associations are already winning gold medals in terrible and offensive decision-making. All of which — by pure coincidence, we are sure — involve Black women.

Let's get to listing!

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Gay Stuff

Football Comes Out Of Closet

This is a very cool ad from the NFL!

If you live in one of the cities and states that celebrates Pride in June, then your official Pride month is almost over, as of tomorrow night at midnight.

Just in time, and in direct response to Raiders defensive lineman Carl Nassib coming out this month, becoming the only active NFL player in history ever to do so, the NFL has released this video, in which football declares itself to be gay. And lesbian. And queer. And transgender. And bisexual. And FREEDOM!

It is a very cool ad.

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