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Laura Ingraham Also Too Got Humiliated On Live TV This Week

Steve Almond is the best Fox News guest ever.

If you're reading this on Friday morning, you are probably celebrating the election of our new consensus House speaker, "Some Guy Gaetz And Boebert Picked Up At The Bar At Hooters." Good luck, guy from the Hooters bar!

But we didn't want you to miss Laura Ingraham's greatest career moment this year, which happened on Wednesday night. This is also IN CONTENTION for the best Fox News interview of the week. The other one is in another post this morning, WE REPORT YOU DECIDE.

Anyway, Ingraham was interviewing an author named Steve Almond, who has some feelings about how maybe football is not such a good idea anymore, considering all the brain damage and so forth. He wrote a book on the subject.

As we said, it was Wednesday, which means it came before the incredible news that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is awake and according to his doctors, as of Thursday, he appears not to have suffered permanent neurological damage. It's still going to be a long road, they say.

But obviously, Fox News and other rightwing freakshows have to turn this into a THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR PENIS MASCULINITIES!!!1!111 story, to make their incel viewers shit their pants. So Ingraham invited the guy who wrote the book about ending football. She obviously thought she could use him as a punching bag.

It did not go that way.

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Conspiracy theories

Happy New Year To Everyone Except Scumbags Using Damar Hamlin As Prop For Sicko Anti-Vax Fantasies

Vile humans are vile.

Last night, during "Monday Night Football," something awful happened. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, 24 years old, made a tackle, and then collapsed as the result of a severe and seemingly sudden cardiac event. He's in critical condition. The game was suspended and then postponed, though there was a time last night when the ambulance was on the field when it was still unclear that would happen.

There are many doctors on Twitter, and though they are not Damar Hamlin's doctor, some have offered that what happened looks like it could be something called "Commotio cordis," a rare arrhythmia that can happen after a blow to the chest. It apparently happens most often with baseball or hockey players who are young. (Think of a very fast baseball or puck hitting the chest.) There are other possibilities. We will find out when we find out.

What not one real medical expert has suggested is that Damar Hamlin collapsed because he was vaccinated against COVID-19. However, America's vilest and stupidest people are committed to a conspiracy theory that people are just collapsing and/or dropping dead everywhere because of the vaccine, despite how they have no actual evidence of anyone collapsing/dropping dead from the vaccine. So they're pretty sure that's what happened. They're particularly obsessed with fostering a fantasy that young, healthy professional athletes are dying in droves from mandatory vaccines.

It's sick. These people are sick.

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Right Wing Extremism

Matt Walsh Having Heart Palpitations Because US Men's Soccer Team Doing Gay Rainbow Flag Thingie

America's manly conservative white men have found a new thing to blubber about.

The midterms are over, so now conservative Republican white guy types can get back to what really matters: litterboxes and the children who use them.

Just kidding, litterboxes are so October. They have a new thing.

The US men's soccer team is going to have a rainbow on its crest during certain parts of the World Cup in Qatar. It is a direct response to fucked up, vicious anti-LGBTQ laws in that country, and human rights concerns in general. This is the most important thing ever, to big tough alpha white conservative guys. And having yelping conniptions about things like this is very popular with the American people, as we saw from last week's midterm results.

Here is Matt Walsh, a man whose boss is Ben Shapiro, whatever that is like, and he is WOW upset. Is that rainbow crest treason? Sure why not, if you are so weak inside that some rainbow colors on an insignia give you heart palpitations, then yes, sure, you betcha.

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National Politics

Just Another Blog Post About Everybody Hating Ted Cruz

Typical day on internet!

Is this indeed just another everybody hates Ted Cruz blog post, as the headline says? Watch this video of Yankees fans screaming at Ted Cruz as he was leaving a game, and you tell us.

Haha, turns out that's exactly what this blog post is.

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