Sportsmanship Nice Time Will Brighten Your Stupid Day


Greetings, revolutionary subjects! While we're waiting to murder the petty bourgeois among you, we thought we'd soothe you with some nice time!. Bread and circuses and all that. You will love nice time because your new Wonket cabal says you will love nice time. You'll also love nice time because it is adorable:

Team manager Mitchell Marcus has a developmental disability, but he far surpasses everyone here when it comes to love of the game...

And because basketball is that important to him, on the last game of the regular season, the coach told Mitchell to suit up.

"I was very happy," Mitchell says of what it was like to put on the team's uniform.

Just wearing a jersey was enough for Mitchell, but what he didn't know -- what no one knew at the time -- was that the coach planned to play him at the end, no matter what the score.

Morales says he was prepared to lose the game.

"For his moment in time, yes," he says

That is some very nice time, although your new revolutionary guard is not sure how we feel about sacrificing the good of the many (WINNING, FUCK YEAH) for the good of the one. Let's suspend our unsureness, though, because this nice time gets even more nice-y:

Although his teammates did everything they could to get Mitchell a basket, each time they passed him the ball, he either missed the shot, or, like on their last possession, booted it out of bounds, turning the ball over to the other team with just seconds left.

"He wasn't going to be able to score, but I was hoping that he was happy that he was just put in the game," Morales says. He couldn't have imagined what happened next.

What happened occurred on the inbound. The guy with the ball was a senior at Franklin High School [OPPOSING TEAM, Y'ALL] , Number 22, Jonathon Montanez...

What Jonathon did was yell out Mitchell's name, then threw the ball right to him -- one of the most memorable turnovers of all time.

Yay sportsmanship! Yay sacrifice! Yay people doing nice things for each other instead of terrible things to each other! In your glorious new Wonket paradise, this will happen ALL THE TIME. Except if we need your land or something for our five-year plan. Then you can suck it.



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