Spring Has Sprung, From Beneath the Manskirts at Wonderland

Spring Has Sprung, From Beneath the Manskirts at Wonderland

If you mark the beginning of Spring in DC by the emergence of cherry blossoms, a resurrected Jesus, or homeless people sleeping in Dupont Circle, we regret to inform you that you've made a grievous error. Spring does not actually begin in DC until hordes of women and men alike don sundresses in a ritual celebration of ill-fitting muumuus, dead pigs, and cheap beer.

Knowing the reluctance with which some men approach cross-dressing, the Wonderland Ballroom will lovingly subsidize the drinking of any person (male or female) wearing a sundress at happy hour prices on Sunday: $2 off any draft beer, $3 rail drinks, and most importantly, $6 Delirium Tremens. Beyond the discounted booze, there is a loosely scheduled array of activities including a $10-ish plate of freshly-roasted pig and a male-only fashion show which commences, ominously, "at dusk."

The festival provides more than just the opportunity to air out your long-sweatered breasts or balls -- it's also for charity! If you forget your sundress, you can buy (a likely hideous) one for $10 at the door. The dress and pig sales all benefit the Columbia Heights Initiative, a nonprofit that coordinates the newly annualized Columbia Heights Day. It's a win-win; now you've only to figure out which dress minimizes your "thunder."

Sundress Fest, $10 donation suggested, 4PM to close, May 3. [Wonderland Ballroom]

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