St. Louis Sportsball Fans Chant 'Africa! Africa!' At Black Ferguson Protesters, Because They Are Nice


Do you sometimes look at the News coming out of our great nation and wonder who in Jesus's name these people fuckingare? Maybe it was the blonde lady screaming spittle-flecked curses at brown babies in Murrietta. Maybe it was Sean Hannity's minions saying Trayvon Martin deserved to die. Or maybe you live in St. Louis, and you already know.

A group of protesters seeking justice for Michael Brown came out after the St. Louis Cardinals game against the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles. They chanted, as protesters tend to do. They were met with calls to get jobs (night jobs, obvs) and "Let's go Darren!" (the white cop who shot an unarmed boy), oh, and "Africa!" because ... well, we are sure that the reason the white Cardinals fans were shouting "Africa" at the black protesters, whatever it was, was not at all racist.

While one protestor waves an upside-down American flag (symbolic of “country in distress”), a blonde lady enters, telling the crowd: “We’re the ones who fuckin’ gave all y’all the freedoms that you have!” Another lady takes it upon herself to question the Argus cameraman’s background, suggesting she doesn’t believe he’s an ex-Marine, while asking incoherent questions about his rank. All fun times.

Peppered throughout the rest of the video are “USA! USA!” chants from the Cards fans, along with one woman getting real clever and shouting at the protestors: “Africa! Africa!”

Via Mediaite, from Argus Streaming News:

[livestream expand=1]
Can somebody call up the New Black Panthers to come down and show these dumb fucking crackers what a Proud African Man looks like, maybe wet a few pants in the process, just with one terrifying thousand-yard-stare? We're getting mighty tired of this shit.

[Mediaite / ArgusStreamingNews]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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