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Wonkette is woman-owned and truly independent; we have no VC funding, no grants — we don’t even take ads! We rely only on the kindness of liberal strangers to pay our writers a living wage and keep yelling cusses at power!

Our readers have been generous and wonderful (of course!) but under the Trump Era we CANNOT KEEP UP. There’s too much news, and it never takes a day off. We need more writers so we can cover this jerk all day every day. Can you help?

Wonkette is not for everyone. We’re rude and VERY crude and hilarious and liberal. If you like those things, please send money.

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Wow, right?

OH NO THE BABY EATED ALL OF THE MUNNIEZ! Well, that is what babies do.

You can never take her bananas OR HER FREEEEEEEDOM! But mostly her bananas.

Thank you for reading Wonkette. We love you.

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