Staged Right: Creative Destruction Edition

TBogg wants you to play paparazzi, snap pix of GOP delegates visiting "massage parlors...or hotel lobbies with women who may not be their wives. . . Extra credit for shots in front of strip clubs. Extra extra credit if you catch a pundit. Extra extra extra credit if you catch Rick Santorum going into a pet store. Extra extra extra extra credit if you catch him coming out with Ann Coulter." [TBogg]

Radical geek: Electronic civil disobedience (a.k.a. denial of service attacks) to target "web servers, phone systems, and email addresses of various RNC delegates." The message? Who cares. Fuck shit up! [CrimethInc Black Hat Hacker's Bloc]

"Free for All Wet Anti-Bush T-Shirt Contest and Water Gun Fight," to be held on Saturday, August 28, in the Sheep Meadow of Central Park. Objectifying women and promoting symbolic violence! That's my kind of liberal agenda. [VV]

FBI tracking protesters. Because nothing threatens democracy like free speech. [AP/CNN]

No need to track protesters, just follow your nose: Activists "have posted notice that they can accommodate 70 people - in rooms with no air-conditioning or hot water, on floors covered in sawdust." [NYT]


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