Staged Right: Monday Party Reports

At the Log Cabin Republicans event, Boi from Troy became street meat: "Within ten minutes, I was interviewed by the Yale Daily Press, New York Observer, Newsday, Le Point and the New York Magazine." He was also at Drierer's martinis and bowling party; not officially a gay party, but still: "Arriving about 10:20 was Fox News' Shepard Smith through the VIP elevator no less." [BfT, BfT]

NY's Carl Swanson says that R: The Party lived up to its thrilling moniker: "a sorority mixer on a grand scale hosted by the Bush princesses, attended by a throng of unironic preppies." [NY]

The New York Young Republicans Club is "strictly a sausage affair," says Travis la France, and they "descended on this event to prey on the chicks sporting pro-choice buttons, just like the Catholic Italian men cruise the Mediterranean beaches in springtime in quest of the godless, liberated Swedes." [TLF]

Gawker beats us to the punch, recounting the wisdom of the Illinois delegation gourmands: "risotto. . . [is] like rice and cheese wrapped in a bit ova hush puppie." Oh, and at the media party, "Lloyd Grove was in a shitty mood." Breaking fucking news, we know. [Gawker, Gawker]


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