Staged Right: Unclear on the Concept Edition

NYers self-publish convention guide, give it away for free. Did they not get the memo? Republican convention, people -- you know, for capitalists? [NYT]

Delegates happy to conform, consume: "It's like a really well-oiled machine," says one Illinois delegate, of the orientation package, which "forces people to travel light and buy what they need after entering the convention center." [The Southern]

Williamsburg guy plans "personal protest" at Central Park against . . . uhm, unclear: "It's just to be there, just to claim my couple square feet to stand on. I'm not killing the grass, I'm not part of any organization, and I'm not seeking a permit." Not killing grass, just smoking it. [NYT]

Convention may make homeless even more homeless. [AP/Yahoo]

Nader seeks journalist credentials. Because he's not annoying enough yet. []


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