Staged Right: What Fresh Hell Is This?

new signWonkette's fleeing-the-scene operative sent us this photo of a hacked convention sign, modified to be a ray of hope to the downtrodden press corps gathered in the Garden. Journalists we know have filled the time between head-twisting jingoistic speeches and open bars by looking up synonyms for "moderate" and complaining about how bad the convention is; Noam Scheiber put these cocktail-hour thoughts into print over at TNR's blog:

Madison Square Garden itself is a soul-crushing hole. I mean this literally. The one place you should be running into people who could hook you up with information is the convention hall. Unfortunately, it turns out the Garden sits on top of a huge energy vortex that drains the life-force out of unsuspecting reporters and convention-goers. People walk in intending to be excited about the night's activities. Within minutes, they're staring at half-empty rafters with a blank expression on their face, wondering what's going on at all the fancy parties they're not invited to.
We should add that, based on our experience, the fancy parties aren't that much different, energy-sucking-vortex-wise.

UNIFIED THEORY [TNR's Republican Convention Blog]


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