Stalin Woulda Had This Guy Killed Ten Times By Now. Hell, Nixon Woulda Taken Care of Him Faster

govlawyer.jpgYou know, we'll believe this country's sliding dangerously towards tyranny once this government can put on a proper Show Trial. What is this Moussaoui shit? Transporation Security Administration lawyer Carla Martin, seen here in a desperate last-ditch attempt to confuse the jury by dressing up at the judge, went around bugging the Justice Department attorneys and coaching witnesses until she had demonstrated rather conclusively that even if Moussaoui had mailed in a notarized letter to the TSA in early September, 2001, letting them know that a bunch of guys were going to run airplanes into buildings next Tuesday, please see attached pictures and Orbitz itineraries, the government still would've found a way to fuck it up.

Anyway, that whole death penalty thing looks like it might be a no go. Sorry, revenge fans. On the plus side, for those of you looking to maybe open your own al-Qaeda franchise here at home, CNN has provided a handy interactive feature that'll be perfect for jump-starting your jihad:


Clip'n'save! It'll go perfect with your "Maps to the Decadent, Anti-Muslim Stars' Homes That Are an Insult to the Prophet."

Witnesses: Coaching Had No Impact [CNN]


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