Stalking Little Big Russ: The Long-Awaited Results

Some time ago, we posted the email above. We solicited your advice on how to find Tim, then promptly forgot about it and went on vacation. Now, the time has come to re-open the mailbag and post our favorite responses.

By far, the most popular method for contacting Tim seemed to be to write him a "tear jerk letter about your old man being a major moral giant in your life," as one emailer put it. Is Tim's neverending book tour still going on? 'Cause as long as he's got cheap schmaltz to sell to rubes, he'll be happy to read your rose-tinted nostalgia.

On a similar family tack, one respondent recommended finding Luke Russert, Tim's charming meathead son, and sending him an email:

The person should title an email to him with someting relating to hottubs or hot coeds or free booze. If the person has something interesting to tell little russ i'm sure Luke could pass it on.

Other suggestions:

  • Pay catering company to pose as bagel delivery person to the "Meet" green room. For extra credit, bring a "Beef on Weck"

  • 1. Nantucket's airport two hours after the Sunday show 2. Nantucket Boys and Girls club (seriously)

  • Hang out on Saturday's at Chicken-Out on Mass ave.

In the end, though, none of them were really funny enough, so we're taking the massage ourselves. Suckers.

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