State Department's Hot Beef Injection

Those of you who tuned into the White House briefing for the first time yesterday may have been surprised by just how incredibly fucking dull it was. With the repetition, and the frustration, and the lack of answers. Things are different over at State. They still don't actually tell reporters anything, but they have more fun (not) doing it.

In a discussion last week about, ahem, American beef, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher went out of his way to call it "tasty," "wonderful" and "juicy." Guess they're missing Powell already.

Transcript after the jump.

MR. BOUCHER: The 19th. And the U.S. beef is good, it's important and we want Japanese customers to have it available, and so we've tried to resolve this issue. We've gone through many, many scientific discussions, gone through many, many policy discussions. And Secretary Rice has personally pressed the Japanese to resolve this issue through their appropriate procedures as soon as possible, and indeed we heard from our Japanese counterparts that they would look to see how this might be accelerated. So we're working very hard to try to get this solved.

QUESTION: Just a follow-up. Are you still optimistic that the Japanese market will open itself up to U.S. beef?

MR. BOUCHER: Well, the Japanese have said they would, so we expect them to meet their commitment.

QUESTION: On that topic, Richard, did you intend "good" to be synonymous with "tasty" just now?

MR. BOUCHER: Yes. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: All right.

MR. BOUCHER: Tasty, wholesome, healthy. It's wonderful. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: Juicy? Can we get "juicy" on the record?

MR. BOUCHER: I'll get "juicy" on the record, too.

QUESTION: Can we stay juicy on the record on a different topic? Can you give us juicy details about what Secretary Rice discussed with the President yesterday and also with the House leadership?



QUESTION: Can you be dry about it?

March 3, 2005 Daily Briefing []


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