Steele Welcomes Moderates To GOP, But Only If They STFU

Steele Welcomes Moderates To GOP, But Only If They STFU

If the GOP had any value, Michael Steele would have been publicly murdered and eaten by actual slaveowner Katon Dawson after losing the NY-20 race between Republican Jim "9/11 Anyone?" Tedisco and the PUMA leader Murphy. But Steele is still in power (FOR HOW LONG...?) and continues to promote such hip-hop debauchery as encouraging the violent band of transsexual gigolos known as "Moderates" to join his terrible party of misery and cancer and racism. Steele'sone condition, though? That if and when these Moderates join the party, they immediately journey to a dark corner of Hell and die silently, forever.

President Steele said this in Wisconsin, a state that his party will never win again in any election ever.

"All you moderates out there, y'all come. I mean, that's the message," Steele said. "The message of this party is this is a big table for everyone to have a seat. I have a place setting with your name on the front."

But, he added: "Understand that when you come into someone's house, you're not looking to change it. You come in because that's the place you want to be."

See, you can't just... that's an attitude that you cannot have, sir. It's just rude to say such a thing. Look at the Democratic party, which is terrible -- oh, it's bad, in so many ways -- but also somewhat healthy. The entire reasonable political debate where "stuff gets done" is in this Democratic party. You have Socialists like Russ Feingold on one side and then miserable valueless wieners like Evan Bayh and Ben Nelson on the other. This is now "liberal and conservative" in all ways that matter. Some Democrats think now is the best time to overhaul health care, other Democrats think we should wait for when there's more money, and all Republicans think we should just throw teabags at anyone walking into any doctor's office. The best way to emerge from minority status is not to create a downwardly competitive parallel world where soon enough any member who even says the word "idea" will be shot live, on Twitter.

Steele: Moderates Are Welcome To Join GOP -- But Not To Change It [TPM]


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