Steny Hoyer To Settle Election With P.G. County Remake of 'Breakfast Club'

Definitely Montgomery CountyHouse Majoirty Leader Steny Hoyer, of Maryland, has a brilliant new way to reach a superdelegate consensus -- look at Prince George's County:

"In my early days, my younger days, I was a political leader in Prince George's County," Hoyer said. "We had what was called a 'breakfast club' -- people sat around a table just like this. We rarely ever voted. We did have, however, significant discussions in which we ultimately came to consensus. That didn't mean everybody was in unanimity but it did mean everybody agreed, 'well, that seems to be the rational conclusion to reach.' So you don't necessarily have to vote to reach such a conclusion."

The Breakfast Club was set in P.G. County, and Steny Hoyer was secretly in detention too? This is obviously a coded endorsement for Barack Obama. [Capitol Briefing]

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