mitt%20romney.jpgMassachusetts Gov. and presumptive presidential candidate Mitt Romney is raking in oodles of $$$ from "homemakers," reports the Boston Phoenix, which further hypothesizes whence the appeal:

Already this year, Romney's Commonwealth PACs have received a total of $354,500 from 47 women identified as "homemaker" on campaign-finance reports....

What draws these housewives to give so generously to our governor? Is it his movie-star good looks? His zealous protection of heterosexual marriage? His health-coverage-reform bill? Are these the "soccer moms" of 2008?

A cynic might suggest that most of these 47 women were subserviently signing checks to help their wealthy husbands double their investments in Mitt. Or perhaps triple. (Oh, like you could resist the gratuitous polygamy joke.)

Actually, not only could we resist making the gratuitous polygamy joke, we resisted reading it, too.

More plausible explanation for girl-on-Mitt action: The women have been worked over by the same crew who screwed with Mitt's dad, former CEO of American Motors, governor of Michigan, and leading GOP presidential nominee circa 1968 until he claimed that the U.S. military had "brainwashed" him into supporting the Vietnam War.


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