Stephanie Grisham: Why Is Adam Schiff So 'Obsessed' With Democracy?

Stephanie Grisham: Why Is Adam Schiff So 'Obsessed' With Democracy?

We've discussed how Donald Trump put a Twitter hit out on Rep. Adam Schiff like a common gangster. (It was yesterday. Go check it out, we'll be referring back!) The president's part time White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, tried and, as usual, failed to clean up after her boss Sunday during an appearance on Fox News. Howard Kurtz read Trump's gross tweet about Schiff and (correctly) said it sounded like a "vague threat." Grisham responded with her usual absurdity.

GRISHAM: I disagree, and this has been a theme throughout this process. People put meanings behind what [Trump] said. The president speaks in a very unique way, he's a counter-puncher, he's saying what it's on his mind.

Grisham, whose job tangentially involves communication, seems unaware of how communication actually works. Here's a quick primer: The speaker states something and the listener interprets the message. Grisham acts as if we're putting way too much thought into what the president of the United States says publicly -- sort like Beatles fans in the '60s who somehow got the idea that Paul McCartney was dead. Trump just said he's the walrus. Stop trying to play his tweets backward.

I take issue with the idea that Trump "speaks in a very unique way." For one thing, nothing is "very" unique. It's either unique or it isn't. I don't normally pick apart someone's word choice but Grisham is supposed to speak words for a living. Trump talks like a gangster or a syphilitic monarch. His rhetoric isn't unique. It's just highly unusual for the office he holds (and disgraces).

Grisham hadn't spoken with the president about his tweet before her interview because that would mean doing her job at a minimal level of competence. She's certain, though, that Trump obviously meant Schiff hasn't "paid the price yet with the voters." We've already explained why that's bullshit.

GRISHAM: [Schiff] hasn't paid the price yet with the people of this country who see that he's been lying and very obsessed. Quite frankly, it seems like he's having a little bit of a mental issue ... he's obsessed with this president and trying to take him down.

That's rich. The mad dog foaming at the mouth in the Oval Office isn't the mentally unbalanced one. It's the congressman holding him accountable for all his obvious crimes who is clearly unhinged. Schiff is literally doing his job. It's probably consuming a great deal of his time. He might not have seen the latest Star Wars yet, but he's not by any reasonable definition "obsessed" with Trump. Schiff isn't living out an Animotion song.

Do we really need to compare tweets?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

It's especially hilarious that Grisham's supposedly conclusive evidence that Schiff's "obsessed" with the president is that he spends "hour and hours" on the House floor arguing for his removal. Grisham works so few hours at her own job she can't imagine why any sane person would work overtime at theirs. You'd have to be crazy, and Grisham isn't crazy. She's just lazy.

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