Stephanopoulos's Line of Sight: Wonk'd Gets a Response

You may recall this week's Stephanopoulos-a-looza of sightings, one of which included an anecdote about George's talk to Congressional interns last Thursday. Said our informant of the event's organizer:

A young bitchy staff assistant that seemingly put on the event was yelling at interns the entire time. An overcrowded 500+ showed up and there were only 200 seats. She wouldn't let any others sitting on the ground, citing that she wanted to "keep the decorum" of the caucus room. Not really news there...just venting - you would too if you worked 9-6 5 days a week without pay.

Well, we heard from a coworker of said staff assistant. The accounts differ, to say the least.

I work with the "young bitchy staff assistant" quoted in this week's Stephanopoulos sightings (she takes offense to the characterization - she's on the professional staff) and let me tell you, the idea that some unpaid intern living on daddy's dime has any reason to vent on an overworked committee staffer is insane.

She made those sluts stand up because all the guys on the other side of the room were laughing at them sitting on the ground in their recycled prom dresses (seriously, that's what some interns think is appropriate business dress). Now personally, I was enjoying the display, but she felt obligated to put an end to the peep show. It's a good thing too; otherwise George wouldn't have been able to slather as much praise on Kerry during his talk (he would have been too fixated on bush).

We hear George Will has the same problem.

Wonk'd: We Ask for Stephanopoulos, We Get Stephanopoulos Edition [Wonkette]


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