Stephen Colbert Lets Lefty 'Journalist' Crap All Over Fox Hero Roger Ailes


That's one seriously journalistic jacket

In his Wednesday interview with Gabriel Sherman, Stephen Colbert got the author of The Loudest Voice in the Room, the new biography of Fox News head Roger Ailes to admit that his book is carefully researched, based on a wide range of sources, and thoroughly fact-checked -- everything that Fox news never does in its stories. "Didn't you learn anything from Fox News?" Colbert asked. "You decide what you want the story to be, and then you talk to the people who support it!" But Sherman seems to think that even though he's been declared a hack by rightwing websites, he still should be allowed to be called a journalist. Sherman even manages to rise to Stephen's challenge to say something positive about Ailes, which suggests he's practiced.


Doktor Zoom

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