On Monday's Colbert Report, Stephen brought us up to speed on all the complicated ins and out of immigration reform:

Tonight, the latest news on immigration reform. There, you’re all caught up.

He then gave President Obama the comedic tongue-lashing he so richly deserves for stealing the Republican plan to delay immigration forever by perpetually promising to deal with it "next year."

I'm mad that Obama is delaying immigration reform because he stole that idea from the Republicans. They've had the idea of putting off doing something about immigration reform for over a decade.

Does Stephen have a montage of Republicans promising, over years and years AND YEARS, to pass immigration reform? Of course he does! There's John McCain in 2013, and John Boehner in 2012, and Eric Cantor in 2011, and Lindsey Graham in 2010, and Mitch McConnell in 2009, and John McCain again in 2008, and George W. Bush in 2007 ... and 2006 ... and 2005 ... and 2004 ...

Yes, a muy importante agenda item. That's why we can't ever pass immigration reform. It would take it off the agenda. But don't lose hope immigrants. Just because our leaders are telling you to wait until next year, doesn't mean it won't happen, as long as you just wait until next year.

Enjoy the whole clip -- especially the part where Future Stephen visits his present self to promise that yes, they will finally be getting around to immigration reform. Next year.


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