Earlier this afternoon, a Capitol Hill source advised us:

stephen colbert steven colbert.jpgStephen Colbert is sitting in a conference room in the Cannon House Office building interviewing a Member of Congress -- I could only see the back of the Member's head so I can't be certain of the identity -- it may be Brad Sherman (D-CA). The Member is in on the joke, whoever it is, as Colbert did a number of takes opening the door to let a faux pizza delivery guy into the room.

Funny how at the exact moment Stephen is in D.C. trying to making Medicare Prescription drug coverage funny for the umpteenth time, Jon Stewart is getting his final tux fitting and getting one last Botox tune-up before the Oscars debut on Sunday.

Marc Ambinder of The Hotline offers this report on Colbert's visit to the Hill:

Stephen Colbert dropped by a meeting of Republican press secretaries today with a joke and a plea: He said that Democrats are eager to appear on a segment of "The Colbert Report" that profiles the country's congressional districts, one-by-one. For the most part, Republicans aren't. Colbert wanted these staffers to offer up their bosses as targets.

Ambinder's very valid question: "[W]hy should Republicans go on his show? [Colbert] plays a Bill O'Reilly-esque character who milks irony out of a superficial version of a Bushian worldview (as conceived of by smart liberals.)"

Wonkette's (half-joking) answer: "Aw, come on -- everyone's a whore for TV time! And what other national television show would ever put a random, non-celeb representative on air?" (We're not counting the Sunday shows -- which Ana Marie Cox watches, so you don't have to.)

In other words: Rep. Whatshisface (R-Who Cares) will never make it on to Hardball, unless he kidnaps a white girl.

Colbert Seeks Rapport with GOPers [The Hotline]


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