Steven Mnuchin Playing Hide-Trump's Tax Returns From Congress Like Craven Shameless F*ckwad Jerkoff Scofflaw Assw*pe D*ckface He Is

Steven Mnuchin Playing Hide-Trump's Tax Returns From Congress Like Craven Shameless F*ckwad Jerkoff Scofflaw Assw*pe D*ckface He Is

HAHAHAHA! FUCK YOU, MUNCH! Forgive our profane banter, but we've had it up to here with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Last month that asshole gave Congress what Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to as, "with stiff competition, mind you -- [what] was one of the worst classified briefings we've received from the Trump administration." He was trying then to justify the Trump Administration's decision to un-sanction aluminum companies owned by Putin's favorite ratfucking oligarch Oleg Deripaska. He played up some negligible divestment, and conveniently left out the stuff about making Deripaska a couple hundred million dollars richer out of the deal. He also forgot to mention his own yacht party funtimes with Deripaska ally Len Blavatnik. Which is a heckuva coincidence, ain't it? And now he comes out with this WEAK SHIT to justify denying Congress access to Trump's tax returns? Politico reports:

Trump's Treasury Department is readying plans to drag the expected Democratic request for Trump's past tax filings, which he has closely guarded, into a quagmire of arcane legal arguments.

At the same time, officials intend to publicly cast the request as a nakedly partisan exercise. The two-pronged scheme was developed by a handful of top political appointees and lawyers inside the department — with the ultimate goal of keeping the president's past returns private, according to four people familiar with the administration's approach.

The strategy will hinge on an argument that politically motivated Democrats will inevitably leak Trump's tax information — a felony in and of itself — if the IRS hands over the documents. So because Democrats can't be trusted to keep the documents private, they shouldn't get them in the first place, officials will insist.

Is this a joke? Because the law is not ambiguous here. Like, not even a little bit.

Take it away, 26 U.S. Code § 6103(f)(1):

Upon written request from the chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives, the chairman of the Committee on Finance of the Senate, or the chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Secretary shall furnish such committee with any return or return information specified in such request, except that any return or return information which can be associated with, or otherwise identify, directly or indirectly, a particular taxpayer shall be furnished to such committee only when sitting in closed executive session unless such taxpayer otherwise consents in writing to such disclosure.

See how it says "shall," not "may"? That's because it's NON-OPTIONAL. There is no provision that says, "Unless the President (a) doesn't feel like it, or (b) hates Democrats, or (c) is scared of going to jail for infinity crimes with Russia, or (d) WITCH HUNT. Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal just has to send a written request, and he gets Trump's tax returns. If he wants to disclose them to the public, the entire committee has to vote on it. We believe the GOP is familiar with this procedure, since they just used it to hold off on voting to send HPSCI transcripts to Robert Mueller by refusing to name members to the committee -- no members means no vote, see?

The Republicans might just be able to drag this fight out past the 2020 election if they get really lucky in court, but eventually they will lose. Not even Justice Kegstand could find a way to rule in favor of the Treasury Department on the scintillating rationale of NO LEAKER! NO LEAKER! YOU'RE THE LEAKER! This is transparently just a ploy to stall for time by refusing to comply with the black letter of the law.

Also, too FUCK YOU, MNUCHIN! We just watched that cheap whore Mark Meadows threaten to hold Rod Rosenstein in contempt if he didn't cough up highly classified FISA warrants and divulge details of multiple ongoing criminal investigation with major national security implications. Meanwhile, classified House Transcripts are appearing weekly in the wingnut Epoch Times, and you can smell the cowshit coming off them through the computer screen. ALLEGEDLY. Too subtle? We're saying that the Republican House weaponized its investigative powers, demanded documents to which they were not entitled, and leaked like a sieve. But please, tell us more about the sanctity of data divulged to a co-equal branch of government fulfilling its legitimate oversight obligation.

And speaking of leaks, HOW U LIVIN', MISTER SECRETARY? In case you didn't notice, there are one or two holes in the bottom of your boat. Even after their original source was arrested, people at Treasury are still feeding info to BuzzFeed on the regular. Michael Avenatti got access to Suspicious Activity Reports on Michael Cohen. And Treasury employees are pissed off enough at the "chaos" in the Department that they're blabbing to The Daily Beast. People who live in glass houses where everyone walks around bare naked so the neighbors can see their asses hanging out shouldn't throw stones. Or however that saying goes.



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