Steve Doocy's Son Still Not As Terrible As Steve Doocy

Last night John McCain appeared on Chris Matthews' Hardball "College Tour," live from Pennsylvania's Villanova University. And who asks the second Student Question but Peter Doocy, and it is about doing shots of whiskey, and he's the personification of Frat, and he's the son of Fox & Friends co-anchor Steve Doocy -- quite possibly the biggest (yet most harmless) douche on Fox News. They are the same person, except one of them has a national teevee show. The clip is below!

The first question is also, as Chris Matthews says, very "wiseass." Peter Doocy's grand inquisition begins three minutes into the clip. And this morning, Steve Doocy of course told the world how brilliant his son is.

[MSNBC via ThinkProgress]


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