Steve King Loves Opposite Of Freedom Of Speech


No time to waste!



Date: Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 12:25 AM

Subject: Our friend, Rep. Steve King

Dearest Wonkette,

I wanted to alert you to a great injustice done to me - a citizen - while observing proceedings in the gallery of the People's House this evening.

Rep. [Steve] King had the floor and was reciting all manner of inane talking points (a la "every piece of intelligence I saw showed that we were right to pursue the Iraq War" and "you can't say that you support the troops but don't support the mission", etc.) I, seated in the gallery across from the Well, expressed my displeasure by silently giving a thumbs-down sign. And then another, and another, and another. Neither the sergeant-at-arms nor the Speaker nor the parliamentarian made any comment on these actions. But when I made the thumbs-down sign again and caught Rep. King's eye, he asked the Speaker that I be removed for "making an inappropriate gesture." Whether this action was indeed obscene or properly deemed "a disturbance" (an expulsion-worthy offense under the gallery's terms of entry) is questionable, but the Speaker agreed to Rep. King's request and had me removed. I went peacefully and quietly out of the chamber, escorted by the sergeant-at-arms, but plan to appeal the Speaker's decision to the relevant authority.



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