Steve King Will Not Thank Slaves For Building The Capitol Because Of Photoshop, Lack Of Other White People Memorials


Ain't no slaves escaping through this shitCongress' top-ranked asshole, Rep. Steve King of Iowa, has offered his rationale for casting the lone vote against a resolution to duct-tape an Etch-a-Sketch plaque to the assistant janitor's closet wall in the $600 million+ subterranean Capitol Visitors Center, to thank the slaves for building the U.S. Capitol as part of their slave work.

He claims the resolution only reached the floor as part of a major legislative "deal" that, in exchange for its passage, would allow Republicans to Photoshop the words "In God We Trust" onto some other display already hanging in the CVC. Steve King, a professional legislator, was gravely offended by this concept of a "deal" being brokered between two sides.

Also, he says, if the CVC is gonna get all slave-y, then it should also add new exhibits thanking the Union Army for freeing the slaves.

There's no need to break it down.

When will Steve King be shipped to Bermuda for the Uighurs to eat his intestines? A picture of that, with "In God We Trust" added in Photoshop, in Comic Sans, would deserve its own wing at the Capitol Visitors Center.

King explains "no" voting on honoring slaves [Radio Iowa]


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