Steve Mnuchin Defends Tax Cuts For The Rich: 'But We're Raising Them On Democrats!'

Here, look at this shithead getting interviewed by Jake Tapper about the Republicans' tax "cut" (for the super rich only)! It is so fun! He accidentally told the truth in service of SO MANY LIES. Man, that must get confusing.

Jake Tapper: (PARAPHRASE) Can you answer a question about how much of the benefits of the tax cut will go to people making under say $200,000 a year?

Steven Mnuchin: (WHAT HE MEANT WAS) Is there really even such a thing as "numbers" though, Jake?

Jake Tapper: (TELLING THE TRUTH) Here are some things the tax cut does for very rich people, and here is Donald Trump lying about how it won't cut taxes on rich people. Thoughts, Steve? Oh, let me quote Jake Tapper here, "I don't see at all how that's true."

Steve Mnuchin: (ACTUAL QUOTE BECAUSE JESUS CHRIST) "Well Jake, let me explain to you how that is true. Because we are getting rid of lots and lots of deductions? The biggest is we're capping state and local deductions at $10,000? So one of the things we're very sensitive to is the high tax states make up a big part of the economy. So, even lowering the 39-six rate to 37, in the high tax states, actually rich people taxes will be going up."

There you go, everybody. Steve Mnuchin's defense of tax cuts for the rich is that they'll be raising them on rich Democrats.

God bless us, every one!

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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