Still Liveblogging Arlen Specter And Joe Sestak's 'Lost' Battle, And The Other One Too, Arkansas


Will the Liberty Bell ring thrice for old Arlen Specter, who illegally became a Democrat last year but is still on the loose? Or will Joe Sestak smash Specter's head in a Dutch Oven and then refuse to clean it? Will this liveblog be over by 9 o'clock so your editor can watch the second-to-last episode of this terrible ABC Island Horror show that he for some reason is still watching? Yes, yes, and yes. Let's see what folks are saying on the television. Oh great, Mark Halperin on CNN. (Mark Halperin used to have a terrible show on ABC, too, called "The Note." Now someone else does that!)

8:33 -- Ken Layne does not like the Campbell Brown television show, even though she bought those MONSTROUS ads for us that one time, when her show launched. Remember? Where you couldn't scroll away from Campbell Brown's face? It was amazing, you all loved it. Well, anyway, she's getting out of her contract. Erick Erickson show in 3...2...1...

8:34 -- Wolf Blitzer is on, thank god. Wolf Blitzer will never leave CNN, because he has values such as loyalty and fur. "Here's Rand... Rand Paul, candidate in Kentucky, Senate in Kentucky, and boy is he winning. This is interesting." Wolf Blitzer is always so ON.

8:36 -- Dana Bash reports that Blanche Lincoln's team has been defending Blanche Lincoln is a "nice lady." Why doesn't the nice lady know how to vote for herself in an election, though?

8:40 -- Ken Layne says that MSNBC (the person) just said "both Democrats in the [Kentucky] primary got more votes than rand paul did." ACORN. A-CORN.

8:43 -- Why are there only five people on CNN's Great Panel Of The Best Political Team On Television?

8:45 -- Rand PAUL IS SPEAKING! He has the whole family there, including Doctor Ron Paul and Mrs. Doctor Ron Paul. Will Ron Paul get laid tonight, even though he didn't win anything?

8:46 -- Rand Paul would like to thank the Tea Party. The Tea Party is passing a message. The message is that the Tea Party would like more Tea Partiers in the Senate. "The Tea Party is huge," Rand Paul says. Elitist Kentuckians, always thinking they knows what's best for us average coasties.

8:49 -- Rand Paul is using his brief acceptance speech to criticize Obama for talking to Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales and others, "apologizing to them for the Industrial Revolution." What the hell?

8:51 -- Rand Paul said during his campaign that he would balance the budget in his first year, or at least that he would try to do this, in order to bring about the greatest depression in human history. THEN THE BLACKS WOULD FINALLY GET JOBS!

8:56 -- Chris Matthews is in Philadelphia. HE LOVES PHILADELPHIA! But what is he thinking being so close to a street-level glass window? Does he want to have batteries thrown at his skull from people who are mad that a local sports team lost? Or won, even! Philadelphians like to throw batteries at famous people, the end.

9:00 -- And now your editor is going to watch Land of the Lost while Ken types more nonsense in a new thread. Oh shut up. There are good episodes and bad episodes, okay?


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